Some zines and comix that exhibitted at the first SELZF and more! Please email if you’d like to be listed below:

Half a pigeon zine

Nest Gallery

Dead Trees & Dye / Pete Willis Illustration

Princesa Pirata Distro

The Read Horse

Monster Emporium Press

Lisa Busby/ Editions of You

Billy A – B

Vampire Sushi Distro

Paul Stapleton / Bedsit Press

Goldsmiths W.I.

Sarah Tea – Rex

Alana / Brash Zine

Emma / Angry Violist

Dan / Pink Mince

Nyx Noctournal

Beth / Girls Get Busy

Cut Me Up Zine

Kit / Stalking Elk

Tom / Financially Hard Times

Will / Z is for Zine

Vicky / Xerografik

Eyeball Comix

Julie / Colourless Green Ideas

Peter Donaldson

Louise / Whirlygig

Tommy / Zine and not heard

Steve / Rum Lad

Jerseys Para Los Monos

Thomas /Digested Eraser

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