Goldsmiths W.I. says hi!

Here at Goldsmiths W.I. HQ (a gaggle of girls sat in the corner of a pub, but let’s imagine a fantastical Michel Gondry-esque workshop, shall we?) we are mega excited/amped/ keyed up/all a-flutter over the South East London Zine Fest! As a W.I., we’re naturally into the crafty, DIY aspect of zines, but coming from Goldsmiths, its especially ace to be involved with creating a platform for SE London based artists and writers.

Right now, we’re taking submissions for our own zine which we’re putting together for the event, so email us at to pitch us your ideas/artwork/articles. Think anything oriented towards South East London, sassy chicks and the Women’s Institute, and craft how-to’s, but we’re open to most everything, whether fun or serious. Also, we’re trying to do a mini series of Slutwalk street style illustrations from this summer’s march, and we’d love it if you culd send us your drawings of some of the particularly memorable/fab/funny/badass outfits from the event.

During the Zine Fest, come to our table for our zine and baked treats, and feel free to join in with any crafting we’re doing at the table. You can also join us at a craft workshop and help us make massive amounts of bunting. We’ll even have embroidery thread to hand if you really want to personalize it.

See you in a few weeks!

Love from Goldsmiths W.I.

PS- when we were discussing on of our other features earlier in the week, a ‘greatest hits’ selection of South East London sights, the Dinosaur Court at Crystal Palace Park came up. Since most of us hadn’t been in an age, we decided to put together a mini W.I. trip to the park. On Monday the 24th, we’ll be meeting at New Cross Gate Station at 3pm and traveling to the park from there. We may or may not be bringing dinosaur shaped biscuits with us. Check it out/RSVP on facebook.

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