First SE London Zines meet up!

Hey friends,

We’re going to have a table at the Amersham Arms on 15th December (thats next Thursday) to start off the monthly

SE London Zine meet ups

The idea is to start meeting regularly to encourage each other by being around other artists, writers and self publishers and talking about our work, what we hope to do and what we have done.
So, please bring something you have done, or if you haven’t yet taken a step into self publishing, then just bring your enthusiasm!
As well as that, maybe we’ll do some drawing games, writing, get aquainted and maybe have a mince pie and a drink! Bring some pens and paper if you like!

//////////////////////////////////News just in!!!///////////////////////////////

The mighty Mark Pavey is running some zine tables at this event 10th/11th (this weekend!!!) so contact him if you’re interested in being involved!

Love all round


About DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x
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2 Responses to First SE London Zines meet up!

  1. Mr Phil says:


    Normally I’m at acting class on Thursdays but *next* Thursday term will already have ended. So you can count me in!

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